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Leather finishing service

Leather Team is Leader in leather finishing for third parties

Leather finishing is a process involving various steps are performed on dry hides in order to give them the desired appearance by improving and, very importantly, to protect the surface also in anticipation of the use of the leather in the different types of production.

Standard finishing
This type of finishing is performed using ultra-modern and technologically advanced processing plants to provide painting; the plants are equipped with high and low pressure guns.

Foam finishing
This type of finishing is carried out by through a three-cabin machinery, providing a pre-treatment by using a preparation to be sprayed on the leather before being placed in the finishing plant.
This kind of processing consists in incorporating small air bubbles into the chemical solutions in order to soften the application and at the same time creating a bearing able to better cover the defects.

Reverse roller finishing
This process is needed to carry out bases and pre-bases. In the case of the bases imitating a hand-made infill, the product is repeatedly spreaded on the leather to let the special mixtures penetrate inside in order to “nourish” the hides; in the case of pre-bases to rebuild the grain and equalize the absorptions.
Cold plasters and waxes / oils are also applied by roller in reverse.
The operations described above are necessary to produce articles from full grain frosted leathers, matching splits, vintage, waxed and oiled items to be used in the context of furniture, leather goods, automotive and footwear.