Leather Team Srl

The Company

Leather Team Srl was born in 1998 from the experience in the sector of the Gleria family.

Leather Team is a young and dynamic company, led by a team of specialists that deal with the leather finishing for third parties with the aim of always providing cutting-edge services, wide flexibility both in processing and in all operations concerning warehouse, storage and handling of products.

Our company can rely on machinery and equipment always renewed and highly technological, such as the automatic color mixing system.
We perform works for third parties who wish to produce finished articles starting from semi-finished leathers (crust) to be sanded or already sanded.

On customer’s request we can also organize the production starting from raw or wet blue skins and, taking advantage of other specialized partner companies, we can also offer the entire production cycle, guaranteeing high quality, complete service, experience and when required a 360° specialist consultancy.

Logistics and technology at the service of the producer

We have a very modern and technologically advanced wastewater treatment plant that allows us to achieve great autonomy in leather processing with costs reduction.

Cologna Veneta (VR) plant has an area of 8000 square meters and is equipped with a wide warehouse for the storage and handling of large volumes of leather in both arrival and departure.

Long experience and valuable services

The consolidated experience in over 18 years of specific activity in leather finishing for third parties allows us to satisfy all customer needs: from the frosted article to be plastered and sanded in a solid color and with a clouded or banded effect to the matching splits, from full grain in different thicknesses and prints to vintage or waxed articles and to products with finishes in both airless and foamed, thus allowing a greater incision of the grain and masking of the defects; to have a demonstration you can appreciate the excellent level of quality achieved in the processing of buffalo in a drummed and leatherette version.

We continually invest in the latest technology

Leather Team continues to invest in machinery to always give a greater guarantee of quality and an increasingly advanced service.

We have two painting lines (a Barnini with three cabins, a Poletto with two), a rotary press for three cylinders printing, one for ironing with a 100 diameter cylinder which, in addition to allowing more homogeneous ironing, offers the possibility of polishing the grain of the print on the tips; we also have barrels for milling, staking, “pirovano” for the preparation of color blends, Jumbo Star Gemata and foamer.

Since 2014, in order to offer an additional service to customers, we have built a new warehouse for semi-finished leathers with a section dedicated to Customs Warehouse where it is possible to “park” the hides waiting to be processed with the consequent expected benefits.

In the event that the hides from non-European countries are re-exported to countries outside the EEC, there is therefore the possibility to carry out the processing and the subsequent export without the burden of paying the duties as required by the laws in force.