Leather Team Srl


Leather Team srl is a company that deals with leather processing services for third parties and has been doing it for over 20 years.

Many companies of all sizes entrust Leather Team srl with the finishing of the leathers they use for the production of their articles, from furniture leathers to those for the most varied leather goods, from leathers for special uses to those for luxury or fashion products like shoes and designer leather items.

Leather Team srl is a technologically advanced company with a series of systems for processing even very large size leathers.

Logistics is a very important sector both in terms of the storage of finished goods and with regard to the customs warehouse service.

In addition to performing the finishing processing of the leather, Leather Team srl offers a range of other leather preparation and processing services, thanks to a series of agreements with other companies in the tanning and production district to which it belongs.

About our services: